Friday, June 8, 2007

Get It Through Your Heads Already!!!

The War in Iraq must be an overrated topic and must be boring to some but it could never lose its power over conversation.

For one, I hope anti-war activists can get it throught their heads that bringing the troops home won't solve anything. When men and women join the military nowadays, they know what they are getting themselves into over there. Just stop trying to bring them home and belittle their efforts. They are fighting for you and me; bask in it, see it, appreciate it, don't forget it.

For two, being in Iraq is not at all a waste of time and the sooner people realize that, the sooner we can get through it. Despite the deaths of Al Qaeda members, there are still so many Radical Islamists. People need to recognize the fact that if we leave Iraq, the fight is coming to our land, our country, our lives. The Radical Islamists are out to destroy our country and it is clear from 9/11 that they will attempt to do so through any means possible.

For three, the efforts to democrasize Iraq are not useless and are not going unnoticed. Why not spread the enjoyment of living with freedom as we do here in America to others? Why not let them experience the great freedoms we do now? Why not help them we they needed it? Why?

It is vital that people realize the facts of Iraq and get their heads straight on the issues. We're there for a good reason and we aren't coming home from there

Learn it, like it, get over it!